Therapeutic Massage and Stress Relief

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and while many of us may have a handle on it, others do not. Stress happens. It is inevitable and may be unbearable. That is why taking time for yourself is a necessity. It’s important to manage stress and improve your health and well-being. LaVida Massage has a great way to do both!

At LaVida Massage, we believe in the many health and wellness benefits therapeutic massage can offer. One of these benefits is stress relief. Stress contributes to the buildup of unwanted acids in the muscles and throughout the entire body. The release of this acid build up in a timely manner helps to keep the body in good working order. Therapeutic massage can help with the essential function of breaking down and expelling those unnecessary and damaging acids.

Therapeutic massage helps dissolve toxins though physical stimulation of the muscles and tissues, this process releases and filters off poisons.  All of our licensed Massage Therapists at LaVida Massage can not only help you learn the benefits of massage, but they can also help you to reap those benefits.

To read more about the many benefits of therapeutic massage sessions visit our Massage Benefits page here.

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