Theracane Pain Relief

In a perfect world, getting a massage whenever we experience pain, aches, or soreness would be ideal. However, for most people, it’s hard to schedule appointments around work and family. With Theracane, you can relieve pain and discomfort in your own home. Theracane is a deep pressure massage cane with six strategically placed treatment balls. This design works out knots and pain throughout the body in areas you usually wouldn’t be able to reach. It is made from durable and lightweight fiberglass and plastic, making it easy to travel with. A user manual is provided which displays a step by step description, on how to use Theracane.  This guide shows trigger points along with a diagram of the body for optimal use.

Theracane allows you to control the pressure and technique to your personal preference. The unique cane design needs minimal effort to relieve hard to reach areas and reoccurring pain or soreness. For those who have labor-intensive jobs or participate in sports, Thercane is perfect to relieve aches and pains quickly.

You can pick up the Theracane at LaVida Massage of Bloomfield township located on Maple and Lahser for only $39.95, members get a 10% discount. If you have any inquiries about this product, please give us a call or stop in.