Father’s Day: A Day to Give Back

Father’s Day is a day to give back to the person who we know always does his best to give his kids everything they need. Dad is typically looked at as the unsung hero and we never give him as much credit as he deserves. However, outside the norm, my dad was the hero when it came to raising me and my siblings. Being raised by a single dad, he was there through all the milestones in my life.

All my friends had their mom as their main role model in life or had two very supportive parents. My dad was always there; all my band concerts, hockey games, and everything in between. He still is always there when I need him. He has given me support whenever I’ve needed it. I think being supportive is the best part about my dad. Every word of encouragement from him has gotten me to where I am today; through college, my first ‘big kid’ job, and even heart breaks. I know I can always count on him to always be there when I need him the most.

For most ‘typical’ families, mom is the hero but I think that DAD should get just as much credit. He may not be at every game or concert and he may not have as close of a relationship with his kids as mom does, but take a minute and look back at everything he has done for you. You will realize that it’s more than you may give him credit for. This Father’s Day, tell the dad in your life how much you appreciate him and everything he has done for you.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!